"Enabling Health with Quality Online Tools"



The e-Patient Project team is working to develop a sustainable community-based program in partnership with South Asian community organizations

that can help connect people to assist in the prevention and management of chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

What is an e-Patient?

e-Patients are a new kind of health consumer, using the internet to gather information about a medical condition of particular interest to them.  

They seek online guidance for their own health concerns and the concerns of family members and friends. e-Patients are equipped, enabled, empowered, engaged, equal and expert. 

Project Overview:

Community Assessment 
In this phase we are exploring how people in the South Asian community use emerging digital technologies for health information, connecting with others online, and health parameter tracking. We are doing this by interviewing people one on one, in focus groups and by conducting a community survey.

Program Planning
Taking what we learn in our community assessment, we will engage the community to identify priorities and develop a program that is sustainable over time.

Program Implementation & Evaluation
In this final phase we plan to pilot test the newly developed program and evaluate its impact.  We are interested in exploring how digital tools that focus on health information, online peer support, patient participation in decision-making, or  patient and provider communication could impact patient’s health literacy, confidence in self-care, health-related behaviors and involvement in medication-decision making.

​Project Funding

The South Asian Diabetes e-Patient Project is generously funded by the Lawson Foundation