The Community Assessment phase has resulted in the completion of 6 related projects 

1. Key informant interviews with health care providers to understand their challenges in working with South Asian individuals with type 2 diabetes and if and which e/mHealth resources are currently being recommended.

2. Key informant interviews with South Asian individuals living with type 2 diabetes and their family members in order to better understand challenges of living with diabetes, patterns of health information gathering, eHealth tool use, and perceived facilitators and barriers of technology use for health purposes.

3. Review of online diabetes peer to peer support sites for health literacy, cultural appropriateness, and content.

4. e-Pateint Project Survey:  A large community survey exploring digital device ownership, Internet Use, level of online activity, online health information seeking, health application use, eHealth literacy, and preferences regarding delivery of eHealth interventions in a convenience sample of South Asian adults

5. YouTube Diabetes Video Review: A review of the content, quality and popularity of culturally adapted type 2 diabetes YouTube videos.

6. Blood Pressure Tracking Application Review: A Review of the Content and Quality of Blood Pressure Tracking Applications for the iPhone.

The project team is working toward publication of the completed projects in peer reviewed academic journals.  Please contact us if you want to learn more about the project.

"Enabling Health with Quality Online Tools"